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5 Tips to Get a Head Start on Your Career New Year's Resolutions

Mike HyterWhile many will be making New Year’s resolutions to watch their waistline this holiday season, professionals should also consider setting career goals now that will set them on a path to success by the time the clock strikes midnight.

Workplace expert Mike Hyter, President of Global Novations and author of The Power of Choice: Embracing Efficacy to Drive Your Career, discusses steps employees can take to change their career progression in 2012:

  1. Take inventory of this year’s career successes and growth areas
  2. Don’t confuse working hard with putting forth effective effort – focus on what you can control and be proactive about your career
  3. Use influence skills to shape your workplace reality
  4. Build resilience in the face of adversity and make it work to your advantage
  5. Remember that progress is incremental – take action in incremental steps

About Mike Hyter

Michael Hyter (Mike) is the president and managing partner of Global Novations, a global talent management consultancy. Throughout his 15-year career at the firm, he has worked to meet its mission of developing talent and helping organizations increase the full potential of their employees. He works with global organizations such as Kraft Foods in championing Efficacy, a strategy for achieving career mastery, mobility, and momentum.

Hyter’s new book, “The Power of Choice,” is based on lessons he learned throughout a more than 30-year career. In 1979, Hyter participated in an Efficacy program that had a profound impact on his career, so he wrote this book to inspire professionals, especially minorities, to adopt efficacy principals and take personal responsibility for their career success.

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