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Seattle Job Fair... Or Not?

Cancelled Job FairWe've been told that the Seattle Job Fair that was supposed to be held at the Seattle Airport Hilton did not occur today.

To everyone who went out to the Hilton expecting a job fair, only to be met with nothing, we wish to apologize.

The events we link to are gathered from our sources across the Web, and we have no say or control in their operation or appearance. We were not informed that the event had been cancelled, and it was only through the feedback of our readers that this matter was brought to our attention.

Our aim has always to promote as many opportunities as possible, to give you more advantages in your job hunting and careers. And it is only through feedback from our community that we can continue to refine and provide the most accurate and appropriate news, events, and jobs for you.

We're sorry for anyone's inconvenience. And we hope that this doesn't happen again. But regardless, keep letting us know. And we'll keep putting up all the other job fairs so you can find the career you want, not just the one you have to settle with.

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