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10 Best Ways to Gain Employment & Advance in Your Career

By on October 10, 2012

Dr. Cassi FieldsIn an economy where barriers to workplace employment and advancement are the norm, finding and maintaining employment is more imperative than ever. It is vital for job and promotion seekers to not only know about potential job openings, but to ascertain information on skill sets, and tools needed to fulfill the position, in order to better know if they are the right candidate.

  1. Identify your target job: Knowing the title and location of your target job is the first step to getting one. Compile a list of your skills, interests, strengths and qualifications to determine the type of job you are best suited for and might like. If you are looking to change careers, learn everything as possible about the job you want to do.

  2. Learn everything you can about your target job: Read job postings’ skill requirements, Google the position, connect with employees who work at your prospective company on professional networking sites, and request an informational interview.

  3. Get the needed skills or streng then your skills: After you identify your desired job, your next step is to make yourself into a perfect match for it.  Apply for internships, take professional development courses or sign up for college courses to ensure you have all of the skills you need for the job and more.

  4. Strengthen your knowledge: Pick the brains of your senior leaders and mentors, participate in training courses, read technical books, and take on more complicated tasks at work.

  5. Train your personality to match the job: Take a job matching test in order to see what careers best fit your individual personality. Participate in public speaking, team building courses, and confidence building courses – or hire a career coach or read a book in these personality-driven areas.

  6. Learn the culture of your target organization: Review the company website, read online reviews, try emailing a current employee with your questions. You can also request an informational interview from the human resources department.

  7. Develop your network: Connect with current employees on professional networking sites, attend job fairs, company-sponsored events, seminars, conferences, and o ther networking events.

  8. Design your resume to match your job: Know the job requirements for the position and create a checklist to ensure your resume mirrors those requirements. Showcase your tangible experience that matches the types of tasks performed in your job – show that you can hit the ground running, and that you have the immediate ability to positively impact the company’s bottom line.

  9. Learn about your selection process and who will select you: Ask the human resources department the best way to apply in order the have the best chance of selection. If you are not allowed to contact the company, go the extra mile and type search terms in Google, such as “human resources” AND “Company X” to generate potential name matches for the hiring manager. Question people in your network.

  10. Land your job: Once you schedule the job interview, prepare for it like you are preparing for a final exam. Conduct thorough research about the position and company, write down key questions to ask your interviewer about the culture of the company and position of the job. Read job interview articles to get caught up on the do’s and don’ts of job interviews.

According to Dr. Fields, “Oftentimes, job and promotion seekers have little knowledge of what the desired position entails. Job seekers should be savvy when applying to the few available positions; the same goes for employees who are seeking opportunities for promotion.” Job and promotion seekers are encouraged to collect vital job information and turn it into strategies for landing the job they seek. 

Dr. Cassi Fields is a veteran psychologist and the President & CEO of D.C. – based Limited Exposure Theory Corporation, LeT. For more information, visit her website cassifields.com

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