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12 Laws of Leadership Success

By on October 17, 2014

In this competitive, turbulent, and fast moving economy of this 21st century environment, good Leadership is the most important single factor in determining success or failure in any human endeavors. The quality of leadership is the decisive strength or weakness of organization or institution. The ability to step up to the plate and provide the necessary leadership is the key determinant of achievement in all human activities. And there has never been a great need for leaders at all levels whether in the church, organization, business, or institution than there is today.

Now The Laws:

1. The Law of Integrity.

Great Leadership in any endeavor is characterized by honesty, truthfulness, and straight dealing with every person, under all circumstances.

2. The Law of Courage.

The ability to make decisions and act boldly in the face of setbacks and adversity is the key to greatness in leadership.

3. The Law of Realism.

Leaders deal with the world as it is, not as they wish it would be.

4. The Law of Power.

Power gravitates to the person who can use it most effectively to get the desired results. Power is the ability to influence the allocation of people, money, and resources.

5. The Law of Ambition.

Leaders have an intense desire to lead; they have a clear vision of a better future, which they are determined to realize.

6. The Law of Optimism.

The true leader radiates the confidence that all difficulties can be overcome and all goals can be attained.

7. The Law of Empathy.

Leaders are sensitive to and aware of the needs, feelings, and motivations of those they lead.

8. The Law of Resilience.

Leaders bounce back from the inevitable setbacks, disappointments, and temporary failures experienced in the attainment of any worthwhile goal.

9. The Law of Independence.

Leaders know who they are and what they believe in, and they think for themselves.

10. The Law of Emotional Maturity.

Leaders are calm, cool, and controlled in the face of problems,difficulties, and adversity.

11. The Law of Superb Execution.

Leaders are committed to excellent performance of the task at hand and to continuous improvement.

12. The Law of Foresight.

Lastly, Leaders have the ability to predict and anticipate the future.

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