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5 Smart Strategies For Building Long-Term Career Success

By on July 2, 2012

Building Towards Long-term Career GoalsWhen we finally lose our graduation cap and realize that it’s time to step into the real world , we begin to take a look at the possibilities of our career path. Any business oriented professional is out to build a name for themselves and become a vital piece of any company’s business model.

So when we think about success, we don’t think of things that we can do in the short term to be successful, but what we can do over several years. Here are 5 smart strategies for building long-term career success.

Play More Than an Entry Level Role

When you land your first entry level job, you’ll often find that your employer gives you simple tasks to complete. If you only go about your day completing these tasks, you’ll severely hinder your ability to move up in the ranks. Be proactive about the work that you do and get yourself recognized by asking to be a more important part of the team.

Work For a Management Position

The biggest part of being successful for the long term is getting one or two people working under you. The ability to manage people is the hardest part of any job, so learning how to do so and successfully establishing yourself in a management role will help put your career on a long-term fast track to success.

Update Your Skills

Don’t take your education for granted as the years pass. You’ll need to keep up on the latest trends and technologies in your industry, and there are plenty of resources for you to utilize. Get the education you need at any time to keep your knowledge and experience up to date.

Work for a Seat at the Table

A “seat at the table” puts you in a position of power that can help drive revenue for your company. By working to get this seat in front of potential clients, you establish yourself as a credible employee who is capable of closing deals, which gives you more long term value, and can have significant impact on your long-term career success.

There is no Traditional Way

Many businesses have a single, proven way of doing thing. Don’t go running into your boss’ office with some new scheme that you’ve devised, but as you work through your career, look for ways to improve the company’s business model and increase the bottom line. This gives you substantial value and can have you moving up in no time.

Towanna B. Freeman is the founder of Black Life Coaches Network, the leading life coaching site that connects African-Americans who are seeking valuable life changing advice and strategies with practitioners who can deliver just that. 

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