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5 Ways That Will Lead You to Advancement in Career

By on June 30, 2016

Climbing the LadderStagnancy can make any job or any career path frustrating. We have to come up with ways to advance and motivate ourselves. This article points out a few things that every professional should do in order to advance in their careers. 

“The meeting of preparation with opportunity generates the offspring we call luck.” Anthony Robbins 

Saying that a large number of people leave career development to destiny might upset all those who are vigorously career conscious but it is a fact; had it not been that way, the competition involved in each advancement would have been far worse than how it is currently. Being diligent in your work and producing the numbers may not earn you the promotion that you crave. Think of it in this way: If you are excellent for the job you are doing then you at the right position; why would the leaders bother to send you to do something else? Ask yourself this question and you will find out that doing the job is not enough. There a few other things that you can earnestly try before you give in to destiny (kidding). 

#1 Do not focus on the clock

Long hours at the office only help you make a bad impression at home. Finishing your tasks in time should do the talking for you. Overworking only shows your inability to manage time properly. Distribute your work through the day and stay focused on the scheduled. If you have the liberty to schedule work for yourself then use it wisely; know, which your most active hours usually, are and push the load in those. A lot of people struggle to manage time properly; you can be an example for them. You might just get noticed by the authorities even if you are not; your consistency should say something to them.

#2 Show some care for the company

When you are hoping to elevate your position within the company, the employer should feel that you really care about it. Apart from merely doing your duties you can come up with some new ideas for the business, anything productive; you can just discuss with your superior. It just lets the word out that this particular person is thinking about or concerned about the company’s improvement. When the seniors have a discussion about having someone new in a leadership position a person like you with some vision for the company’s future may just be the best choice.

#3 Build relationships

You may be an introvert at the core; if you are looking for an escalation in your career you cannot just face your desk, perform your duties and head home. You need to talk to people. Invite them for lunch or coffee or engage your colleagues in a conversation during a short break before a meeting. Reach out, show your concern for others, help others if they are in any sort of trouble; overall be a good person at the workplace. If you are taking care of your relationships at the office as well as performing all your duties, you are the sort that they are looking for.

#4 Step up but wisely

We are not unfamiliar with situations where there is an urgent project to be handled which no one is ready to take up. Take the challenge. Let the leadership know that you are willing to move out of your comfort zone to help the company. But be cautious; take up only those projects that you feel can add some value to you and the company; something that requires you to develop new skills or gets you noticed. With the right skills developed through a project new avenues may open for you within the company.

#5 Stay ready to climb up the ladder

While you are working for a company keep an eye open on the opportunities that pass you by. You need not jump at everything but there is no harm in staying alert. Keep yourself updated, develop new skills. Make sure that whenever you plunge into the market, by desire or by need, you are fit for the market. Whether or not you are looking for a new job, keep networking. Meet new people, add new contact; keep your LinkedIn profile updated; when a rocket arrives make sure you are riding it.

Set your goals and stay focused on them while spending some good time with the family. Remember no advancement in the career can satisfy you enough if you do not have your loved ones to appreciate and enjoy it. 

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