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Banner Pricing & Specifications (Per Site)

Location Banner Size Duration Rate
Career Gallery 

  •  Links to company website
  •  Indexing on Career Search Engine optional
120 x 60 px 90 Days $500
Home Page

  •  Links to company website
  •  Premium exposure
468 x 60 px 90 Days $4500
120 x 60 px $750
Career Search Engine

  •  Permanent placement next to the search engine
120 x 60 px 90 Days $2500

Graphic Requirements


All graphic branding banners must be 120 x 60 px. They may be animated or static images, or animated Flash banners.

If you do not already have an advertising banner, we can create one for you.


We accept banner ad submissions in the following formats: JPEG, GIF, PNG, SWF


If submitting SWF files, please remember to embed the destination URL into your Flash file before exporting.

Also, your SWF file destination URLs must be set to open the destination URL in a NEW or BLANK window.