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Become an Intellectual: Steps That Make You Smarter

By on February 21, 2013

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Most people would love to be a little more intelligent and have more knowledge that they can pull from during conversations and various situations. In just a few minutes a day, you can improve your brain and make yourself smarter.

Take Trivia Quizzes

Online trivia quizzes take only a few minutes, are often fun and interesting, and teach you plenty of new facts about either a variety of random topics or those specific areas you want to focus on. They’re also great as a way to help you remember facts and bring them back to the forefront of your mind; take a quiz or two on a subject you used to know well and see what you remember, what you’ve forgotten, and what you never learned before.

Read Useful Books

Few people these days take the time to read books that challenge them and teach them something. While Fifty Shades of Grey may be a fun read, it doesn’t present much of a challenge or stimulate thoughts and deep analysis. If you want to stick with fiction and novels, look online for a list of must-reads, the best books of all time, or something along those lines. You can find something you’ve never read before that will also help you expand your vocabulary and allow you to be included in discussions about literature.

If you don’t want to read novels, non-fiction texts can go a long way in teaching you facts about any topic you’d like to know more about, whether about building your own raised planter, investing in stocks, or anything in between. You can even read books that were written just to teach you facts about a variety of texts, such as The New York Times Presents: Smarter by Sunday, which gives short summaries on all the topics that come up in educated discussions. By taking a little time each day to read something new, you’ll quickly find your cache of knowledge expanding more than you thought possible.

Take a Class

If you want to gain in-depth knowledge about a single subject, take a class on it at your local community college. Auditing a course is usually quite inexpensive, and having a scheduled time to go and learn will ensure that you don’t allow it to fall by the wayside. Further, you’ll have the opportunity to speak with a professor that knows about the topic in question, allowing you to find out more through them and ask any questions that may come up, something you can’t do reading books alone. It’s more time-consuming than other options, but if you want to go deeply into a specific subject or area of expertise, it could be the most advantageous choice.

Use the Internet to your Advantage

The Internet can be a place to waste time on the unnecessary and the pointless, but it also holds a wealth of knowledge that you can easily access. Wikipedia and Khan Academy alone can teach you about nearly anything you may want to learn. Reading an entry or watching a video will allow you to gain new knowledge in any of the thousands of available topics, and it’ll only take a few minutes. You can also find useful trivia sites that will quiz you on your general and specific knowledge base.

There’s knowledge waiting out there for you, if you’re willing to put forth the effort to learn. Take advantage of the resources that surround you and work at it every day, and you’ll quickly find yourself to be much more knowledgeable, a better thinker, and ready to face any intellectual challenges that come your way.

Betty Buchanan writes for trivia blogs such as Click here to find trivia games for your family.

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