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Being Happier At Work: 5 Ways To Get You There Now

By on February 1, 2013

Bored at work? Photograph: Hans Neleman/zefa/CorbisIf you feel overqualified, bored with your daily routine, or underappreciated, it might be time to talk to your boss about improving your working conditions.

Talking to your boss about your future can be scary so to help you through this life-changing meeting, AARP has compiled some helpful answers to some of the biggest career questions:  

  1. Can I have a raise? Ask for a raise after completing a major project or solved a complicated problem so your contributions are fresh and your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. Waiting until your annual review is too late since companies would have allotted their money for next year
  2. Can I have a promotion? A promotion, a title revision, or even a change in your job description can help you gain recognition. If there is nothing available, offer to work on something outside your daily responsibilities to showcase your versatility and leadership
  3. Are there non-salary ways to boost my compensation? If there is no room in the budget for a raise, your boss may be able to offer a one-time bonus or stock options to show his or her appreciation for your contributions.
  4. Can we change my work schedule? Writing out a proposal that explains a new work schedule as well as how it benefits the company can help you get a better work schedule. A trial period might be necessary to prove your efficiency despite the change in your schedule.
  5. Can I mentor someone? Helping out a newly hired or a less experience employee can be rewarding. If your company doesn’t have a mentoring program, letting your boss know you are interested can’t hurt.

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Source: AARP

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