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Black Students Lose to These 3 Hiring Practices

By on November 20, 2020

Corporate hiring practices affect an en masse addition to the workforce happens every spring. The result of universities across the country graduate their latest classes, releasing them to the world. During their undergraduate studies, at least during their senior year, many university students go through the process of searching for employment opportunities once they have their coveted degree in hand. Competition exists on many levels. So, undergrads do their best to get high marks in their studies. They try to land that perfect internship, to give them the taste of real world experience and boost their soft skills.  Graduating black seniors face disadvantages in hiring

They even embrace modern trends like LinkedIn, to increase their visibility to potential employers. With all of this it’s undeniable that diversity is still a significant issue. Part of the problem that perpetuates this diversity issue is on the side of employers.

There are actually three common hiring practices that companies use which actually place graduating black students at a disadvantage. In reality, on the surface they may not be readily apparent. When evaluating applicants, GPA criteria often exclude otherwise qualified black students. Recruiting windows often leave too little time for black students to meet deadlines. And, a lack of transparency in application processes make it difficult to apply in the first place. READ MORE ON HANDSHAKE.


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