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Customer appreciation goes a long way

By on June 4, 2014

Winston WarriorFor any businesses or brand, the customer is the most important stakeholder. From mom and pop shops to Main Street stores and even franchises, quality customer service translates to satisfied consumers, return business and business growth. So how do we show appreciation to the customers who are so imperative to our business?

In order to adequately appreciate your customers, you must first know them and understand their wants, but most importantly – how your product/service best meet their needs.

Here at the new Cricket Wireless, we leverage customer feedback from their experiences to ensure that we consistently meet and exceed the customer’s expectations for the brand. For instance, we know that customers are looking for incredible value and quality wireless service. We meet those needs by offering our simple and affordable plans on a reliable, nationwide 4G LTE network with no hidden fees or taxes in our plan pricing. Keeping the customer satisfied is critical to business growth.

This shouldn’t be any different for your business — no matter the size, annual revenues or employee titles… because you may not have an exclusively customer-focused employee.  The following are a few considerations and best practices to follow when striving for consistently positive customer experiences:

Friends with Benefits

Are you active in social media? More importantly are you listening to what your customers are saying about you in social media? While your social media channels can be used for offering deals and promotions, you should always make sure you offer a little something extra to your fans and followers. This could an occasional special offer just for those VIP customers. 

More than Just Free Stuff

Does your business connect with customers on a personal level? Not just through sharing promotions and offerings, but also by sharing relevant content and asking for feedback and suggestions. This is a great way to humanize your brand and also learn more about your customers at the same time. In other words, take your service and offerings cues directly from your customers.

Reward the Faithful

Rewards Programs are a proven way to build repeat customers. Another great way to increase customer loyalty is by offering incentives for their continued support. As much as we chase new customers, we have to remember that repeat customers keep the lights on and keep us in business. For instance, we offer promotions which reward existing and migrating customers with discounted devices and mail-in rebates; as well as rewards/retention programs that offer credit towards a new device after one year of on-time payments.

By taking heed to these practical tips, business owners and brand executives may begin to notice enhanced loyalty and customer support as a result. In all business, a little customer appreciation goes along way.

Winston Warrior is Director of Marketing, Customer Acquisition, CLM Programs & Retention at Cricket Wireless. He is based in Alpharetta, GA where he serves as a mentor for Big Brothers, Big Sisters of America. 

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