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How To Fight The Overqualified Label: 7 Success Strategies

By on October 19, 2012

Overqualified and desperate for workFinding a great job opportunity in the middle management level is no simple task. With several years of experience and credentials, you will find that opportunities are scarce and the pay is not that exciting. Moreover, you will be often told that you do not suit a particular profile because you are overqualified. Fighting the overqualified label is, therefore, a challenge for which you need to have an appropriate strategy in place.

You can overcome the overqualified label by planning appropriately and creating the right impression before the interviewer. To achieve success, you need to think like a prospective employer and consider the reasons why your résumé will be regarded inappropriate.

Express Your Willingness to Negotiate Salary

For most employers, hiring an overqualified candidate is not an option because of the money factor. This is particularly true for the small and mid-sized companies which operate on tight budgets. As a prospective employee, you should clearly express your readiness to work at the salary range offered by the company.

Pitch Yourself as the Best Person for the Job

In this competitive job scenario, you need to pitch yourself as the most efficient and appropriate person for the role. During the interview, you need to justify how your vast experience and skills will help the company and how you will generate desired returns. You should focus on your accomplishments and discuss the value you can create for the organization.

Emphasize on Your Skills

The best way to turn the overqualified label into a desirable tag is by highlighting your skills and competence. You should read the job description thoroughly and map it against the skills you possess.

Highlight the New Skills You Have Acquired

Many mid-level professionals are not selected as they lack the new skills required in certain jobs. To avoid this, you should constantly upgrade your skills and discuss your adaptability with future managers. A proactive resource is a valuable asset for the company and your knowledge can help you bag the job you are looking for.

Demonstrate Your Loyalty and Dedication for the Company You Have Worked For

As an experienced employee, you have the advantage of serving a company for a longer span of time. You can use this to impress your prospective employer. You can share testimonials and achievements to prove how you stuck with your previous companies and contributed to their growth.

Stay Composed and Approachable

Overqualified candidates often speak in very eloquent terms to discuss their skills and experience which can leave the interviewer intimidated. To avoid this, you need to speak calmly without overwhelming your interviewer. You must avoid using jargons and come across as an approachable candidate.

Demonstrate a Positive Outlook

Many interviewers receive overqualified candidates who are unsure about their careers and the industry they work for. As a dedicated and career-centric employee, you are expected to have a clear vision about your career and the contribution you should make to take the company forward. So, appear confident, positive and proactive during the interview.

Growing demand for experienced professionals is creating several job opportunities in different industries. You should follow these tips and prepare yourself for a new job where you can leverage your experience and credentials to climb up the corporate ladder.

Towanna B. Freeman is the founder of Black Life Coaches Network, the leading life coaching site that connects African-Americans who are seeking valuable life changing advice and strategies with practitioners who can deliver just that.

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