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Hiring During the Pandemic-Several Companies Still Looking

By on August 5, 2020

Many companies are still hiring during the pandemic

During the pandemic, there is uncertainty around work for many black Americans. However, many major companies are still hiring and making progress during the crisis for fulfilling the demands of essential things that are necessary for their lives like food, household essentials, and supply of other medical products. 

As the coronavirus continues to spread in the whole world, many positions deemed essential work cannot be stopped. So there are opportunities for essential jobs in mixed industries. According to estimates, lost jobs because of the virus, has affected as many as 16 million people just in the United States with millions more around the world.

Opportunities for out-of-work Americans:

An increasingly larger number of the workforce is now affected by the COVID-19 virus. But now they just want to start back to work. If not their old job, a new position or even their own business or freelance gig.  

Companies still hiring as a result of the pandemic:

An interesting dynamic caused by the pandemic is the growth in certain sectors caused by shifts in consumer  behavior and changing demands.

GE Healthcare

As the coronavirus spreads throughout the world and the demand for ventilators also increased. So the healthcare companies decided to expand their manufacturing capacity, and add more workers as needed. 


The company fills the grocery stores, so they need employees to increase. They hire more than 300,000 workers for the next three months, or they can be double the number of workers if the situation becomes worse.


The grocery giant began hiring since the pandemic begin, and have hired more than 10,000 workers to fulfill the needs of customers. 

Papa John’s

During this critical situation, people may suffer from mood swings and boredom. So they want to refresh their mood by turning to fast casual/delivery favorites like pizza. So the top delivery brand is hiring more than 20,000 employees for delivering pizzas.


In this situation, soft-drink sales have increased, so PepsiCo is hiring more than 6,000 workers for fulfilling the food and beverage giant plans.

Pizza hut

The restaurant chain is hiring 30,000 people as cooks, shift leaders, restaurant managers, and virtual call center agents.


At one point Wal-Mart panned to hire 15,000 more employees for 24/7 work. This includes hiring 1000 temporary workers to serve customers in-store.

Keep on going until the job is done…

This is certainly no an exhaustive list by any means. As the lives of all people in the world have been disturbed by COVID-19, but we have to run our businesses and work to run our lives. In this critical situation, essential workers continue working day and night while following precautionary measures.


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