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How to Ask Management for Help Without Feeling Guilty

By on August 1, 2012

Communicating With Your ManagerBeing new to a job, or not fully experience in a specific task is often an embarrassing situation. Even though your manager has gone through the trouble of making sure that you’re completely trained, it’s not uncommon for some things to slip, and it’s quite simple for you to forget even the slightest process.

Unfortunately, asking management for help leads to a severe feeling of guilt, which leaves you with no real comfortable way to ask. Here are a few ways to live up to the problem you’re having and ask management for help without feeling guilty.

One Mistake is OK

While needing repeated help would be considered unacceptable by management, you need to realize that a manager will understand that the initial feed of information is going to be a lot to swallow as a new employee. Once you understand that, you can feel a little bit more comfortable about asking for help the first time around.

Communicate Your Workload

If you’re simply running out of time to get your work done, you need to make sure that you note the current workload that you have and how it may relate to getting a specific task done. Management is more than respectful to those who are a little overloaded with work that needs to be done, but if you don’t communicate that problem, they may become irritated with why you’re asking for help in the first place.

Make Them Aware of the Importance of Your Task

Management, especially if they’ve got several employees beneath them, may not realize how important a task you’re doing is unless you remind them of that importance. Make sure to convey what the task is for before you go asking for help, and you’ll find that a manager is much happier to help you.

Show The Problem

If you simply ask for help on a task that you can’t seem to do on your own, you’re bound to get some resistance from management. Communicate the trouble that you’re having and you’re more than likely to get a helpful hand from your manager without any kind of pushback.

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