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Pass the job interview…when you’re not qualified!

By on August 26, 2020

Passing the interview…even if you’re not qualified

In our previous post we addressed the brought up the idea of actually getting the a job when you are not fully qualified. But still there are ways that you can simply get a job with a fantastic interview, regardless of qualifications. Here are a few more ideas that can help you with that.

No one can anticipate EVERY interview question, and when you go for an interview…say in instant one without preparation, you should be fully confident about your skills and talents. When it comes to his dream job, then he should vividly picture himself by confidently answering the questions of the interview. There are some basics about how to pass an interview without qualification when you do not even have any job experience. It would help if you did not quit any job.

Some tips to pass any interview when you are underqualified are the following:-

Reframing the skills:

When a going for any job interview:

  • Identify the skills or qualifications that are required.
  • Make a detailed list of skills that may come from previous jobs or part-time jobs or any volunteer work.
  • If previous job work is related to that current field, then you can quickly answer the interview questions.
  • Imagine that he already has a job so he can enjoy a good conversation with the manager.

First impressions matter so,

  • Be on time
  • Dress professionally
  • Smile on face
  • Bring copies of your resume
  • Speak confidently.

Picking up the deficient skills:

He should apply for the job that requires some valuable abilities. He can watch several online tutorials that are free about the situation. In the era of the internet, he can learn everything from social media related to the description of a job and can also improve himself by closing his skills gap. He can learn to communicate, respond well to the questions, and he can show his interviewers that he is interested in doing the job, and he is best for that job.

Scrappiness factor:

Use the “scrappiness” factor. At the beginning of a career, you may wear different hats and take on additional roles that are necessary to just get the job done or make a name for yourself. In this job, you can learn more skills and gain a lot of experience. This is known as scrappiness that the interviewers can see his inner strength that can be the right option for their company.

Your resume offers more opportunities:

He can position himself for an interview of a job without even qualified for it. Make sure he should resume the highlights skills that can be transferable and can apply the existing powers to the job he is interested in.

Tell the truth:

Be honest about the skills and experience. He should tell the truth but in a positive way.


When you get the interview, face the interview with humble confidence. You already showed something to get that far. Do not fear that you are underqualified because interviewers do not waste their precious time. They saw something in your application that might be highly impressive, so that is why he invited you to interview. By following the above strategies, you can pass an interview without qualification. If you haven’t read our first article from this series here is the link to that, go read and then get ready for that your next big job interview.

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