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Skills In These 4 Areas Can Help You Pivot

By on November 27, 2020

Shell Oil— laying off 9,000 workers. Shipping giant Maersk— cutting 2,000 jobs. The airlines and other industries are having to make unbelievable cuts due to the effects of the pandemic. It’s getting crazy out there. If you’re still working the 2020 version of the nine-to-five… remotely on flex time, is your position safe? It might just be a good idea to take stock and get control of your career trajectory. Start with taking an inventory check of your soft skills and making sure any certifications are up-to-date, along with your resume.

The most important thing is to expect the unexpected. Plan for that one eventuality that you actually thought would NEVER come. You might want to think about other areas of your life that many people might tend to overlook. More than anything The old school “think outside the box” applies in more ways than you’ll ever know. If you’ve done compliance training at your office in the past, what other spheres of influence could see you using those skills in a teaching role? Those are the kinds of ideas that can help you prepare to pivot successfully. There are four specific skill sets that could really put the icing on the cake for you. Read more here on Black Enterprise

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