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Tattoos at work: Share them or hide them?

By on December 4, 2020

Now more than ever, for millennials especially, having at least one tattoo has made its way into ubiquity.

Gone are the days of only those with shady backgrounds and associations sporting ink. But a tattoo can have negative repercussions for careers sometimes. A past event reports that a teacher was dismissed because one of the students complained about having nightmares after seeing the tattoos on the teacher’s body. Reports tell that the teacher had tattoos all over his body, face, and even on his eyes and tongue. After this incident, people are scared of showing their tattoos at work. We are here to tell you how you have to behave in the workplace if you have tattoos. Should you show your tattoos at the workplace or not? All your queries will be entertained in this article. If you also have tattoos on your body, read the following information carefully.

Know your work environment:

The decision about revealing your tattoos depends all on your work environment. Sometimes you have a work environment that is more than friendly with you. There is nothing wrong with showing your tattoos in such a work environment, but you have to mind your ethics while showing. You must know what is right to show and what is not. So, if you have such a great work environment, you are free to show your tattoos. On the other hand, you must not make yourself controversial by showing your tattoos at work. Do not take the risk and endanger your job by showing your tattoos.

A tattoo at work is OK in some settingsShould you cover-up your tattoo at work ?

The one thing that you have to keep in mind is that, at first you may want to cover up your tattoo at work. Even if you have a work environment where people receive your tattoos wholeheartedly, you may want to consider how much you show as a first impression. 

Follow company policies:

There are some companies who have no-tattoo rule for their employees, and if you work in such a company, you must not negotiate about your tattoos. One way is to remove them permanently to continue the job. The other way is to wear a dress that completely covers your tattoo. Keep one thing in mind that to continue your job in a company, you must follow the rules and regulations even if you are not comfortable with them. The same is the case with tattoos. You have to comply with the no-tattoo policy even if you really don’t like it.

Young generation clashes about showing one’s tattoo at work:

The people in their 20s or 30s are more likely to be more revealing towards their tattoos at work. Doing it can create a risky situation for their job. Not everyone at the workplace will appreciate your tattoos. So, to maintain a smooth environment, you will have to hide your tattoos at work. The young generation takes tattoos as an additional fashion accessory, but not everyone thinks like this. So, when you are at the workplace, make sure that your tattoos are not bothering anyone. There is nothing wrong with it if you have to hide your tattoos for just a portion of the day when you are at the workplace. After that, you can easily show your tattoos when you are not working.


Here’s a suggestion… even if your company allows you to show off your tattoos, try to keep it low key and not reveal too much, at least at first. It is one of the best practices at work that you should dress appropriately…professionally. And your dress should not be revealing. Revealing tattoos at the workplace could be perceived poorly depending on the setting. So, at first maybe consider covering your tattoo at work instead of showing off and increasing risks for your job and career.


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