Trials of Life: Overcoming Diversity One Sound At A Time - The Black Perspective
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Trials of Life: Overcoming Diversity One Sound At A Time

By on March 21, 2012

Look Up EntertainmentWe are Look Up Entertainment / JBZ Records. We are a diversified company that believes music can change the world. We are a young Christian-based company. Our company is based with 3 prime players: Jackie Brown, CEO; Chereka Cole-Brown, Co-CEO; and Latasha Howard, President. Each one of us have had music in our hearts along with the good Lord which helped carry us through many trials & obstacles we have had to endure. The following is a brief synopsis of who we are individually and why we feel so strong about our cause.

Jackie Brown had a hard life. He came from Mansfield Louisiana, a small country town. He was living between his mother & grandmother because of the fast life his mom was living and could not tolerate the drama going on. After a while he got into a life of drugs and did whatever he could to make money to eat and feed himself & his sister. Eventually he found security in a marriage which only ended up leaving him broken and homeless. He started to go to church when he just did not know what else to do and began preaching. He then decided to try and recover his marriage only to be left homeless again. This time he decided to go to Houston. Through all his trials he had a song to listen to just to ease the sorrow. His dream was always to have his own music company and record label to produce music and create new sounds as he knew that music is what carried him through, and believed it would also help carry a lot of young brothers & sisters through their own trials. When he came to Houston he came alone, the rest of his family still  in Mansfield with their mother. Jackie found work and an apartment where he began his own studio and started creating music.

Meanwhile Latasha Howard, Jackie’s little sister, had wanted to create music her entire life. She had a tough life as well living with her mom who hustled just to make sure bills were paid. Latasha had seen violence in her life, from killings, to beating and much more all unfold in front of her eyes growing up as result of her mom’s fast life. Her only escape was going and hiding in her room listening to music and spinning her mother’s old records. Music was a safe haven for her and she held on to it. After a while Latasha moved down to Houston with her mother who then discovered she had cancer and needed to stay in Houston for treatment. Once they arrived they lived near her brother Jackie where she would go to escape the stress of going back and forth to the hospitals for mother’s treatment. At that time Chereka Cole-Brown had moved in and created song for their mother to hear to help ease the pain she was going through and put a smile on her face. Sadly good Lord took her home on November 12th, 2011. Nevertheless, the two of them would open their doors to everyone in the neighborhood, letting them express their feelings and simply get out of the streets.

Chereka has always had music as a shield in her life through all the pain and tribulations that she had to endure, drowning herself in music was a euphoric escape. She’s been raped, almost killed, beaten and homeless throughout her life; and resorted to dancing to make ends meet and worked 3 other jobs just to afford an apartment. She would take all the girls she worked with to her apartment and allow them to stay and bathe and listen to music to keep them from making mistakes or coming up dead. This taught her firsthand how music could be a tool for pulling people out of trials. She eventually found a job that led her to meeting her present husband, Jackie Brown who saw music in the same light and how it could be used to help people.

When the three of them were together making a record they realized that everything that they had all been through the Lord carried them through using music as a gateway and for that they should always look up and give thanks. This inspired them to use “Look Up” as their company name. It symbolized the struggles they endured throughout their lives and how they also helped people going through similar trials with music.

Look Up Entertainment’s goal is to be a positive focus for brother & sisters all over the world. There is a song for every emotion, and listening to them changes how you feel after you hear that song. Why not have a place where you can go and channel your feeling instead of taking them out in a negative way? Look Up Entertainment / JBZ Records (Just before Zion), has done numerous things in their communities to this very end.

They have made sack lunch for the homeless and provided clothing for those less fortunate. They have opened their own doors for people to come in and get hot meals and a fresh showers. They have upcoming events beginning in April: a talent show on April 14th, in Hiram Clark (Southwest side of Houston), a domino tournament with free shirts & hats for all participants, and hot dog fundraisers for those in need.

Look Up Entertainment will also have an open house studio session for those who want to come and explore who they are, with food and music. Those interested in exploring their own talents and channeling their frustrations positively are welcome to come and use their modest but working home studio.

There is a feeling you get when you see your sisters and brothers, whether they by friends or foes, in unity when there is music playing. It just melts away all animosity. This is what Look Up Entertainment & JBZ Records is all about. Music changes the world, because music changes people. We thank the Lord every day for bringing us through our trials and continuing to carry us to unbelievable heights.

To learn more about Look Up Entertainment, visit their website: website

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