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Why You Should Unplug and Take Your Vacation Time

By on July 16, 2012

Don't Ruin A Getaway With WorkYou’ve finally reached that point where you get some time off. You’ve got some well-earned vacation time waiting in your reserves and you’ve finally decided to use it up for a little bit of time to yourself. Unfortunately, in this day and age of communication technology, taking a vacation is far from what it used to be.

All too often, people find themselves remaining connected to their stressful jobs even when they’re trying to get away for a little bit. If you’ve got vacation time coming up, you need to take the time to unplug and enjoy what little time you’ve got to just let it all hang out for a bit with no worries, and here’s a few reasons why.

No One Expects You to Work

Most likely, those you work with also take their own vacation time, so they’re going to understand that when you’re on vacation, you shouldn’t be expected to work. Offering up your availability digs the grave of your personal enjoyment. Nothing is expected of you when you’re going to be on an excursion outside of work, but offering up your availability will certainly change things for the worst.

You’ll Work Better After a Mental Break

Just like taking a lunch midday gives you the opportunity for your brain to rest a bit, taking a few days to completely free yourself from the stresses of work life will give you the chance to be a little bit more motivated when you get into the office. Keeping yourself encouraged at work is literally impossible when you don’t take at least one of the 52 weeks of your year to take time for yourself.

You’re Being Paid to Disconnect

Vacation time is a reward for all of the work that you put in at the office. Not actually taking vacation is essentially cheating yourself out of money. Regardless of whether or not you put in the time to stay connected to your clients or partners while you’re on vacation doesn’t change how much you’re going to be paid. Unless you’re getting paid extra to stay connected on vacation. Unplug your phone or tablet and keep it that way until you return.

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