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Welcome our newest contributor: Tru Pettigrew

By on May 30, 2013

Tru PettigrewThe Black Perspective is excited to announce our newest contributing writer, Tru Pettigrew. He will be covering topics concerning the cultural and workforce gaps in Corporate America.

Tru Pettigrew is the founder of Tru Access, the nation’s fastest growing Inspiration and Empowerment resource for Multicultural Millennials and the brands looking to employ and connect with them. Pettigrew spent 20 years making it in Corporate America as a high level marketing executive at advertising and marketing agencies helping brands understand how to make money off of the millennial generation. He now help brands understand how to make money with this generation. Tru Access bridges the cultural and generational gaps that exist between corporate America and the millennial generation through Culturational Chemistry – aka blending of multicultural and generational gaps in the workplace and in life.

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