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What Michelle Obama Can Teach Us About Creating A Quality Work Life Balance

By on August 21, 2012

Michelle ObamaFirst Lady Michelle Obama has been one of the most prominent first ladies in the history of US Presidents. While several first ladies have often opted to remain out of the spotlight, Michelle has continued to play an active role not only in her husband’s presidency, but within schools and of course, within her family as well. Being the first lady could have been an easy task for Michelle Obama if she had chosen such a path. But even with the need to raise her daughters, she has decided to become an active figure in the world, inspiring millions of colored women to do the same.

Women of color around the world have been looking for a figure that could actively show that you could raise a family and work at the same time, creating a quality work life balance that has a positive impact on both your children and the people around you. Michelle Obama has represented that balance in the finest of ways. While still campaigning for her husband, she makes sure to see her children off to school nearly every day. While promoting her own beliefs, including healthy eating both in schools and in today’s military.

Even with a growing family, Michelle has been able to maintain a healthy family life, supporting her family as well as the families of military personnel. She is able to keep her two healthy young girls out of the spotlight that often comes with being the daughter of the most powerful man in the world.

But what do we actually learn from this? Michelle Obama hasn’t just demonstrated that she has the ability to speak her voice when it comes to important topics that affect the United States as well as countries around the world. She’s demonstrated that no matter how busy you can be, there’s always a way to find compromise and have the ability to create a work life balance that’s going to allow you to continue to raise your kids properly and have a true impact on their growth and success. You don’t need to be changing the world when you aren’t around your children, but you do need to find the inspiration from what the First Lady has been able to do to realize that you can always adjust your lifestyle to make sure that you family comes first.

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