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Words of Advice for my Beautiful Brown Boy in 2014

By on December 8, 2014

For all of us who have beautiful brown boys in our life, we have a responsibility to help them understand how to save their own life when pulled over by a policeman. I have a beautiful brown son, and below is the direction I have given him in hopes of saving his life if he has the unfortunate moment of being pulled over by a police officer.

Son, when a policeman pulls you over, the most important thing you need to remember is in that very moment, the policemen has all the power. The power to help you and the power to hurt you.  Your behavior and demeanor can make the difference in which power the policeman chooses to summon.

Remember there is no court, no jury and no judge standing on that street with you while a policeman is asking you questions. It’s just you and “he” or in some cases “them”. It is always best that you answer what is asked of you, provide whatever documents are requested and most importantly keep your mouth shut. 

No matter what your feeling its’ always best to keep it to yourself in those moments, because remember the policeman has the power.  No matter how much you want to cry or rage or use your fists to handle your business, in that moment the policeman has the power.  If you feel like walking, running or driving away when the policeman has told you to stay, remember the policeman has the power.  Your responsibility is to keep yourself alive and in order to do that you have to be silent because “Silence” will help you get through this process.

If  they  put you in the police car and take you on that long and awful ride to the police station remember that “Silence” is your friend.  If on that ride, they say mean and unacceptable things to you, remember “Silence” is telling you its’ okay and your going to get through this. Hold on to “Silence” so that you may see another day.

Once you get to that dreaded police station, you will be allowed to make a call.  Your call should be to me, your Dad, your sister, or one of the many adults in our circle that you know, knows better than you. We will be there as fast as our legs can get us there because we know that beautiful brown boys are becoming an endangered species.  We have no intention of letting you become extinct.

This is what I tell my beautiful brown son and I encourage all of you who have beautiful brown boys to tell them the same.  It just might save their life.

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