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New job offer? How’s the work environment?

By on July 16, 2020

Unfortunately, even with the sea of change around Black Lives Matter, African Americans still face more hurdles than other applicants to find a job with a good work environment. When it comes to employment, just based on their race, it is a lot more difficult for them to find suitable jobs that provide them with the best opportunities. Although the list could be quite exhaustive, the following are some of the obstacles for them to get a job:

  • Higher unemployment rate
  • Fewer job opportunities
  • Lower pay
  • Poor benefits
  • Greater job instability

Black workers are less likely to get hired for a stable and well-paid job compared to their white counterparts. Black women, not only face discrimination based on their caste and color but also on their gender hence increasing the unemployment rate even more.

How to Overcome These Hurdles: 

In order to overcome these hurdles, we have been reviewing institutes with satisfied black employees. How their companies have been providing them a stable job that ensures a stable future for them. These were some aspects, which they have been taking into consideration:


Family-Centered Spirit: 

There should be an environment, which ensures comfort level, which makes the employees feel at home. Psychologically, employees feel more at home at a place where they are remembered by their name rather than their duties only.


Grooming Employees:

It is important to groom employees and help them see above their abilities and prepare them for next level roles. This assists in a healthy relationship among leaders and employees.


Work-Life Balance:

Work-life balance is very important. It is very important for the firm to make its employees feel at home by producing an environment where authorities are easily accessible and the employees can communicate without any barriers with their bosses. This makes them feel like they are in the same team contributing equally.



Rather than forcing the employees to change into someone they are not, it is wise to consider giving them a chance to open up as they might bring something new to the table. Each employee possess a set of extra abilities that if polished might help the company to grow faster and more efficiently. By giving them, a chance to explore their talents and be themselves such an environment can be attained. 

Another way could be to hold conferences where employees are free to give their ideas and suggestions when there is a crisis.



Mutual respect and sense of equality plays a major role in the success of a company. Providing equal opportunities and respecting the differences can provide a healthy atmosphere. The respect factor does not only apply from employee to employee but also from boss to employee as well.


In conclusion, a firm or a company where all of the above-mentioned factors are practiced can be the best place to apply for a job. Since there are many hurdles in applying for jobs as a person of color, these factors ensure a healthy environment and mental health, making their employees feel at home in their work environment.


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